The clock has three dials, LED lighting a bar and the entire structure and decorations are made of wood. The configuration of the clock is made up of 3 sections: the lower part, clock faces and the top part of the clock. In addition to that, the lighting can be turned on and off for each of the sections individually.


The interior is comprised of four movable glass shelves and when the door is opened the sensor automatically triggers the interior lighting.

The clock mechanism itself is powered by AA batteries.

Dimensions of the clock: 420 mm x 420 mm at the widest point. The center of the dial is at a height of 1780 mm. Full height of the whole structure is 2500 mm.


Future possibilities:

The clock itself is designed to be multifunctional as the interior of the clock can be adapted to your needs and functions.

For example: Key storage, storage for umbrellas, bar, etc.

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